Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Margaret Wehking Paintings

My latest decorative paintings painted with delicate accents of Margaret Wehking And Helen Barrick.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Margaret Wehking

As a decorative painter, I'm always looking for interesting subjects to paint. I learned Margaret's beautiful technique and enjoyed her fascinating and lovely style of painting. Her paintings are admired by folkartists around the world.

Margaret Wehking a cherished member and friend of Society of Decorative Painter until her death 2003. She was nationally and internationally recognized decorative artist, particularly in the aspect of stroke work, and designs with intricate colour and detail. She was a published author and a highly sought after seminar teacher as well as a gifted fine artist.

Write-up of Margaret Wehking's works are featured in past years Japanese Painting Magazine.

I've developed and adopted these breathtaking acrylic painting projects since year 2005 till now. I thank GOD for my artistic talent. That in all things GOD may be praised through Jesus Christ for the strength provided.

My first piece of artwork , titled: Welcome, Girl And Wheelbarrow.

Followed by others .....

You can learn and begin a lasting appreciation of folkart/decorative painting. The course(programme)is designed for students of different levels and intended to be on- going on a long-term basis. Students will be able to see how paintings developed through a series of different subjects.