Monday, October 26, 2009

Tuscany Delights

Blue Hills of Tuscany

This painting will begin with an introduction to tertiary and analogous color mixing, how to apply color and value to light relationships, and how to develop form and perspective in the landscape through the use of light and color. The components of composition, developing depth, aerial perspective, light and shade, and form in the landscape.

We will explore various settings around the vineyard, nearby valleys, and hilltowns as subjects to study composition, luminous palettes and brush techniques.

Italian landscape are the expansive views. The color is mediterranean; siennas, ochres, warm whites, all the earth tones come into play. What captivated me in this painting was that little spot of red ochre on the roof of the barn. That little shape set the whole composition.
As an artist, we usually hone our ability to see and paint all the flavors of the Tuscan landscape: color nuances, shapes, light and shadow and atmosphere.

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